Bill Schuffenhauer - Silver tale from Salt Lake City

Bill grew up in Salt Lake City in a broken home but overcame many obstacles leading to winning a silver medal with the US Olympic bobsleigh team.

“Going from the streets to the Olympic podium was just a dream. I wanted to change my stars and do something that no one else had ever done and I wasn’t going to let anybody get in my way.” 


“You might see me for somebody who went to the Olympics, and got a nice watch, I got a nice ring, I have all these things. None of this would’ve been possible had I not gone through the things I went through.”


Bill chased his dreams despite facing an uncertain future. His advice to anyone chasing their dreams is; “Never give up your dreams. Things are hard. Adversity is hard to overcome but if you continue on and are consistent, you are going to be rewarded with great opportunities throughout the rest of your life.” 

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