Greg Whyte's Top Tips to keep you on track chasing your dream

Greg Whyte, OBE is a former Olympian in Modern Pentathlon and European bronze and World Championship silver medallist, as well as a Professor in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. He supports our Everyday Battlers as a mental coach, providing them with the tools to overcome the obstacles they face on their journey to achieving their goal of completing a 10km race.

His top 5 tips for achieving your training goals are:

  1. Run your own race - be confident in your own prep, stick to your plan.
  2. Preparation is a must have. Think of it as a ‘happy bank’ - invest happiness into your brain, by exerting misery. Pain is good, because you learn how to cope with it - you have to believe in it, don’t be side-tracked by panic. Preparation goes all the way to the starting line. Try not to turn up late or forget a piece of kit, as it can cost you the race.
  3. Training is physical, psychological, technical and tactical and every session should be focused on all four of those areas - training is where planning takes place, not on the starting line.
  4. Set goals - every single session should have a goal, as well as the goal of the event itself - make sure to deliver on those goals - this will create success on the journey to the event, and with that, you create self-belief.
  5. Celebrate your successes! Sit back and reflect on what you’ve achieved and really enjoy it before seeking out the next challenge - that is what will motivate you in achieving your next challenge.