Join Chris Mears' Everyday Battlers Team!

Overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your dream and run a 10k with Chris himself

If you can overcome one obstacle in the pursuit of your dream, what else can you overcome? 


Chris Mears went on to become a diving sensation despite overcoming personal loss and a life threatening illness and now he wants to help you to overcome an obstacle of your own, by showing you how to chase your dream with an Olympic mindset.

We all have obstacles that stand in the way of our dreams, but these shouldn’t stop us chasing them no matter what. We want to help you to overcome these struggles!

You’ll begin your journey alongside 10 other participants at the launch event, where you’ll get a professional 4 month training plan tailored to you. You’ll have the unique opportunity to train alongside Chris Mears and cross the finish line together in a 10K race.

You don’t need to be a runner, because when it comes to chasing your dream, mindset can take you much further than ability.

Are you ready to start chasing your dream?

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